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Are you an e-commerce business owner and experiencing problems with your Google Merchant center? Look no further, we will get you back up and running in no time.


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Stable solution for your Google Merchant

Our agency offers complete relief for the approval of your Google Merchant Center. Have you already tried everything to get your Merchant Center right again and wasted months of time and lost revenue?

Make a change today and outsource the approval of your Merchant Center to professionals.


We don't do quick fixes. Once your Merchant Center is approved and your ads are running then you can enjoy stable & worry-free advertising.


We are an honest agency that is here to help you. Our priority is to deliver a good product that can enrich your shop and sales.


We are very experienced in approving Merchant Centers for Dropshippers. Are you a Dropshipper? Then look no further and let us fix it!

What our clients say:

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Worry-free advertising
You are transparent in what you do and if there is a problem it is solved quickly. There will be plenty of stores to follow.
Ms. Nameless
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Trustworthy agency
One of the few reliable agencies that offer a stable solution. I have already wasted a lot of money on other parties that would fix my Google Merchant Center, but as soon as it flies out again they can't do anything for me or fix this. This is a completely different story with AP E-com, the best agency for Google Merchant solutions.
Ms. Nameless
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Honest prices
Finally an agency with fair prices. For the service you get and the solutions they offer, I think they are the cheapest and also the best in the market. Google ads are an enrichment for my e-commerce stores.
Ms. Nameless
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Google Merchant fix

From 4.000,- euro. 50% in advance / 50% afterwards
No cure no pay

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