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Generate stable monthly sales with Google Shopping

Every webshop owner would like to achieve stable sales every month. This can sometimes be difficult if you only depend on ads on social media platforms.

With Google shopping ads you know what will come in to your shop month after month.

Besides this, you can scale up your daily budget on a weekly basis so that your sales will continue to grow!


No blockages

Worry-free advertising

Make money passively

Month in month out

Unlimited scaling

Achieve massive sales

Revenue generation on auto-pilot

By outsourcing your Google ads, you won't spend time running ads yourself which means you will earn a passive income from Google ads.

Support with the Merchant center & tracking

Before we can start advertising on Google we will need to create a merchant center. With this you have to pass Google's ''inspection'' which can be extremely difficult if you don't know what to look for.

We will guide you through this and can even take it off your hands completely.

Once everything is approved we will connect the new Google Analytics 4 tracking to ensure that your data is 100% accurate and that you are ready for changes from Google in the future.


The cheapest party in the Netherlands & Belgium!

Currently we are the cheapest party in the Netherlands & Belgium. Other agencies charge a fortune for running ads. You would think that this would mean more sales and/or better results, but unfortunately this is often not the case.

We do not ask for percentages of the turnover and we use fair prices. If you grow, we grow with you.


What are you waiting for? Start worry-free advertising on Google today!